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Friday, March 23, 2012

wash cloths for your little ones!

So currently my newest project is making wash cloths for babies.  I started doing this because I am not to big of a fan of the wash cloths they sell for babies.  I wanted something that would stand up a little more and I wouldn't lose in the washer and dryer.  I currently do not have any pictures but I am working hard on creating many different colors.  When I get all the colors together I am going to put up all of them so you can see all the colors I am going to offer my customers.  I am just so excited about being able to offer wash cloths along with my hats and other baby accessories that I have! Well that is all I really have time for right now.  Remember to check out my website!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A new year and a new start!

WOW I have not had enough time in my life to get online and really work on my blog! I am truly hoping to change that and be able to provide not only my customers with new things going on but to also be able to talk about a variety of topics.  Today I want to talk about just having a home based business and some of the things I have found that have helped it be at least a little successful.   Lets start with my background. 
I am a 23 year old, with a seven month old baby at home who also works a full time 50 hour work week.  I love my life and love the fact that I can do all the things I want to do.  I started crocheting and doing a lot of different crafty things at a young age.  My grandma really is my inspiration.  I would go spend many weekends at her house and we would spend hours, and I mean hours just working on all sorts of different crafts.  My grandma was a very talented painter (in my opinion) and was also really into making different ceramic items.   She herself ran a small business out of her house and sold at all the local craft fairs. 
This here is an image of one of the paintings she made.  She made this for me when I was born and now I have it up in my daughters room.  I love it so very much and it really inspires me when I see it and I know I can do alll that I want to and more.  In my life I have been very blessed to be able to do many things and now I am able to go after my dream and be able to make things for everyone and hopefully make someones day with these items.  I started learning about crochet at around 12 I would say.  At first I only new the basic and would just make blanket after blanket of a single crochet.  It was really time consuming but I loved doing it.  As I got older I started noticing that you could make so much more than just a blanket and that is how Deanna's Creations was born.  I started seeing all this awesome hats you could make and booties and just new I wanted to be able to do it.  I started out by making things for different people in my life and finally decided to start selling these items online.  I have been doing a trial and error to find what people like and what people want to buy.  I have started working with photographers and many other people but that is another blog and story.  Right now I am just trying to develop my craft and make many new things! One of the new items I have just added to my shop is my new crochet visor hats!
This is just one example of my visor hat.  I currently only have it in three colors but am willing to do any custom orders for it.  Please visit my website at www.etsy.com/shop/deannacreations and also my facebook page http://www.facebook.com//#!/pages/Deannas-Creations/203872906338176